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November 24, 2008

STX Europe Floats Out Oasis of the Seas

Oasis of the Seas is being built at STX Europe's yard in Turku, Finland where winter comes early, but work continues year round. The ship is shown here before the drydock was flooded later Friday (November 21, 2008) morning. 
The aft view is quite different from most ships since Oasis's interior will be open. At the extreme rear will be the AquaTheater with seating looking down into the deep show pool. For perspective on the size, note the people standing at the aft end of the upper deck. Also note, the Royal Caribbean Crown & Anchor trademark which is already illuminated on the stack. 
Here are a couple of shots under the ship. This one shows the three Azipods which are used both for propulsion and steering. 
Again for perspective on the size, note the working standing in the second of the bow thrusters. 
This is the interior in what will be Central Park. Again, this is quite different from the interior of most ships when they are under construction because it is so light. Note the open sky at the top. The skylights on the deck will let sunlight into the lower decks. 
At this point late Friday evening, the dock has been flooded, the gates opened and Oasis is floating and ready to be towed out of the building dock. 
The towing process continues here. Since the ship has not been completed and loaded, note how high it is floating in the water. 

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