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September 29, 2004

First Look at Enchantment's New Outdoor Features

In an operation at Rotterdam early next summer, Royal Caribbean's Enchantment of the Seas will be cut in half, and a new 73-foot midsection will be added creating 151 additional staterooms along with space for some striking new features. The ship will be cut at the red line on the left, with the new section inserted as shown at the bottom. Besides just being longer, sharp-eyed readers will notice several changes to the lower sketch.

The ship will incorporate many new features both inside and out. Some of the most interesting are the outdoor ones on Decks 9 and 10.

Changing the ship's profile will be the two suspension bridges which hold the jogging track over the new midsection. Below them on the pool deck, on the port side of Deck 9 is a new bar which extends out over the side of the hull surrounded by a 14-foot glass wall. 
By night, the new Splash Deck, at the forward end of the main pool, is a decorative fountain with a fiber-optic light show.
In the daytime, the Splash Deck, becomes an area for children to play with 64 jets of water located around the deck and its perimeter, 40 of which can be controlled by interactive touchpads. 
The new pool bar which extends out over the side of the ship will have windows in the deck for an interesting view straight down to the sea nine decks below. Also note that since the jogging track is suspended from the arches, it opens up more deck space since there are no support posts below.
The new bar is also expected to be a popular spot at night, utilizing the pool area for dancing and entertainment in the evening, a time when the pool is usually deserted.
Looking the other way across the main pool area, the equivalent area on the starboard can be seen. It is used for a stage for the musicians, and thus opens up more space in the center of the pool deck. Two of the four Jacuzzis which surround the pool can be seen at the right of the illustration.
The entire main pool area can be seen from the Viking Crown Lounge looking forward.
The bungee trampolines are at the forward part of Deck 10, above the Windjammer Cafe. Once the "jumper" is attached to the cords suspended from the polls on either side of the trampoline, the tension of the cords is increased so that they are actually providing more of the "bounce" than the trampolines themselves. The people below should have an interesting view as they look up through the circular skylight in the Windjammer to see people's head bouncing up and down.

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