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Norwegian Jewel

Earlier artist's renderings of Norwegian Jewel interiors

Norwegian Jewel was floated out of the indoor building dock at Meyer Werft at Papenburg (Germany) last weekend (June 12, 2005). Cruise News Daily toured the ship the previous weekend when it was edging toward completion. The yard says they are actually a couple of weeks ahead of schedule. 
There is some pressure to complete Norwegian Jewel and remove it from the building because the space is needed for the construction of Pride of Hawaii which will be delivered a year later. In the above photo, you can see the forward part of Pride of Hawaii just ahead of Norwegian Jewel. At left, you can see the construction of Pride of Hawaii has brought it within inches of Norwegian Jewel, and the laying of further block had to wait until Norwegian Jewel was moved last weekend.
This is the center pool area on Deck 12 looking aft toward the Garden Villas. Here, among the construction supplies stored on deck, you can see the hot tubs, pool (covered) and water slide. 
Norwegian Jewel is a major progression of the Norwegian Star/Dawn design. This is a new feature, the full-size basketball and tennis court, which is aft on Deck 13. Another new feature of it is the tiered seating area for spectators.

An interesting aspect of the construction process you can see in this photo is venting attached to the stack so that the ship's engines can be run and vented outside the building.

A major new aspect to the accommodations on Norwegian Jewel are the Courtyard Villas. At left is the courtyard which the "junior villas" will surround and share. There seemed to be a lot of work left to complete both inside and out on these accommodations.
Much of the interior is very near completion. The indoor serving section of the Garden Cafe is seen at left. It will have individual serving stations rather than a long serving line. 

The paper covering over the flooring, both in the aisle and around the serving stations, is very common during construction to protect the flooring as the work continues and supplies are brought through.

Here is one of the places where the protective covering has been removed, and already the carpeting is getting soiled. This is one of the elevator lobbies on an upper deck near the staterooms. 
Although at first glance it doesn't look it, the Stardust Theatre is very near completion. The carpeting is down with a clear protective covering on it, as can be seen in the aisle, and the seats are all in, also covered with plastic. 
One of the new features on Norwegian Jewel will be "Bar Central" in which themed bars share one common space (at the bottom of this staircase). The pub, Maltings, was inspired by the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in London. The wine and champagne bar, Magnum's, will have a French Art Deco look and reflect the Normandie ocean liner. The bar will have a bubbling, backlit water feature to look like champagne. The adjacent cigar lounge, Carona, will continue the Normandie theme. The martini bar, Shakers, will also have an art deco look, but will feature artwork of debonair people from the '60's and '70's dressed for cocktails. Obviously, this is one area where there was still a lot of work to do in this area.
This cabaret lounge will be one of the most identifiable on the ship. Most everything in FYZZ will be spherical or round. That theme will be carried out with bubbles, the use of special lighting, color and ultraviolet-lit artwork. Three private karaoke rooms are on the adjacent wall just behind the photographer. FYZZ and the karaoke rooms are virtually complete even with the furniture stored in the room. (The protective covering still covers the round dance floor at left, but that over the carpeting had just been removed.)
One of the most colorful rooms will be the circus-themed Jewel Club Casino. Again, this room is virtually complete. It is just awaiting the installation of the gaming equipment.
Below decks, the main galley is virtually complete, with all the major equipment installed. Most of the boxes that can be seen in the picture are just construction material which is stored.
The stern of the ship was just awaiting painting. The large unpainted lettering for the name of the ship can be seen in the center.
Onboard revenue is always important, even before the ship is completed. Generating the first onboard revenue are two beverage vending machines temporarily installed by the pool for construction workers. 
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