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First Look around Carnival Valor

The interior theme of Carnival Valor is heroes and heroism. "Valor's design explores a wide variety of what can be defined as heroic," Joe Farcus, Carnival Cruise Lines' interior architect tells us. 

For the ship's main theater, Farcus has chosen a classic hero as his theme, Sir Walter Scott's Ivanhoe. The room has a Medieval fee with its faux wood-beamed ceiling and stage curtain in the style of a Medieval tapestry. Large castle towers are on each side of the stage. The tabletops are in the shape of shields with coats of arms. The atmosphere is completed with the walls featuring the knight in full armor backed by Medieval-style tapestry.

"There is a certain American feel to the decor overall, and the icons featured within many of the public rooms represent the best of what America is all about," said Farcus. 

For the ship's two dining rooms, Farcus has chosen two of America's most famous presidents, Abraham Lincoln and George Washington.

The two rooms have a colonial feel and look similar except for the bas relief images of Lincoln and Washington in the respective rooms. The lighting is provided by faux wood chandeliers both around the sides of the room with larger ones suspended from the gold leaf ceiling.

The Lincoln Dining Room is shown at left, and the Washington Dining Room above.

Another type of hero, Charles Lindberg is commemorated in the Lindy Hop Piano Bar, specifically for his record-setting flight from New York to Paris. A replica of his plane is suspended over the bar, with a stainless steel replica of New York's Empire State Building on one wall and a polished brass replica of the Eiffel Tower on the opposite wall. The walls are dark with starlights and a map of the North Atlantic is on the ceiling. 
The Paris Hot Jazz Club has the feel of a French cabaret and commemorates yet another type of hero, '20's and 30's jazz singer Josephine Baker. The figures around the room wear Baker's famous banana costume. The barstools and tables resemble stacks of pearls, and the floor is white granite with inlaid yellow stones in the shape of bananas. 
Winston's Cigar Bar is named for British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and is reminiscent of and English gentleman's club with large wooden tables and big, comfortable leather sofas and chairs. The artwork on the walls reflects Churchill's maritime interests with paintings of World War I-era naval ships and a model of an old battleship behind the bar. 

Carnival Valor will be based in Miami, the largest ship the cruise line has ever based there, beginning with its inaugural cruise on December 15.

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