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March 18, 2009

Something for Everyone

Norwegian Cruise Line released details of the top accommodations to be found on Norwegian Epic along with some of their biggest innovations which show up in the lowest-priced categories, showing that there's something for everyone on this ship. 

At the top end of the accommodations are the eight Deluxe Owner's Suites. They feature separate bedroom, living and dining areas. One of the living rooms is show above.

There are floor-to-ceiling windows throughout the Deluxe Owner's Suites. The bedroom is shown above. 
The bathroom of the Deluxe Owner's Suites is larger than some of Norwegian Epic's inside staterooms. 
There are 46 Courtyard Villas aboard Norwegian Epic. They feature two bedrooms with a separate living and dining area. One of the living rooms is shown above. 
A typical bedroom of a Courtyard Villa.
The Courtyard Penthouses have only one bedroom with a separate living and dining area. One of the penthouse bedrooms is shown above. 
One of the features of the top 60 suites is exclusive access to the Courtyard, which features not only the pool and two whirlpools shown above, but also a gym, saunas, sundeck, an indoor/outdoor restaurant, a bar/nightclub and a concierge lounge. 
The bulk of Norwegian Epic's staterooms are the New Wave type of balcony stateroom shown above.
The Studio is a new type of interior stateroom, that is more compact and among other funky features includes a large round window that looks into the hallway and mood lighting to match the time of day or your preference. 
The two-story Living Room is a private lounge and bar reserved exclusively for passengers booking Studio accommodations. 
There are also 560 inside staterooms aboard Norwegian Epic.

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