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October 2, 2008

Surfing the Bulb

You can't try this at home or anywhere else, for that matter, not even on Eurodam - unless you are the captain's wife. 

The Eurodam News Blog has evolved to be the best cruise line blog we've found on the internet. Recently, after only 15 months, it posted its one millionth page view. Daily, it takes readers behind the scenes of Holland America's Eurodam to show them interesting things about the ship and what's happening aboard. 

Sometimes, it's unusual happenings such as this event shown above, which was recently featured on the blog. Pam Kern, one of the blog's contributors, has been talking of "surfing the bulb" since she came aboard while the ship was still under construction at the Fincantieri yard in Italy. This is something that is not usually done - actually it's not ever done - but since she's married to the captain, extensive safety procedures were worked out, and she got her wish to "hang ten" from the ship's bulbous bow.  (So unless you're married to the captain, don't even think about following in Pam's wet footsteps.)

As an example of the interesting information daily contained in the blog, when they ran this picture, they took the opportunity to explain that the bulbous bow is a standard feature on most large cruise ships. They went on to explain how it modifies the water flow around the hull to create greater fuel efficiency and the details of how and when it's most efficient. It's just an example of both the unusual things you see on the Eurodam New Blog and the interesting information you can find there. 

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