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April 12, 2004

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Caribbean Princess' First Wedding

Just prior to officially naming Caribbean Princess, godmother Jill Whelan was married to Michael Chaykowsky aboard the ship. Prior to naming the ship, Whelan said that more than twenty years ago when she was a little girl and Aaron Spelling asked her be on "Love Boat" she never imagined it could have turned out like this. She is shown here arriving with her son, and the couple is joined by some of their 150 guests which included some of the former cast members from "Love Boat" in which she costarred. Princess created a huge wedding cake for the occasion of the wedding dinner for all 1300 passengers aboard the preview cruise which sailed just after the ship was named. Here the couple is shown with the cake in the ship's Island Dining Room. 

Yes, the wedding cake was real, and the 1,300 guests were served cruise-ship-sized dessert portions at the end of dinner. (Leftovers were enjoyed by crew members.) Six pastry chefs combined their talents to create the 260-pound confection. It only took two hours to bake, but two days to decorate and six hours to assemble. Each of the three tiers is twelve inches high, and the largest has a 40-inch diameter. You see those little pink and white flowers all over the cake? There are 5,000 of them made out of marzipan, and they were all handmade aboard Caribbean Princess.

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