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March 15, 2004

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A Look Around Carnival Miracle

Carnival Miracle arrives Jacksonville with only a six-foot clearance under the Dames Point Bridge. Local interest had been so high that police decided to close the bridge to traffic while the ship was near in order to avoid accidents by drivers who would be looking at the ship instead of watching the traffic.

Joe Farcus' theme for Carnival Miracle's interior is "fabulous fictional icons," and the atrium is the first place most people see aboard the ship, and there they step into Superman's world in the Metropolis atrium.

A unique feature of Carnival's Spirit-class ships is the enclosed walkway around the bow, outside the theater. On Carnival Miracle, Farcus has chosen a garden theme and called it "Gatsby's Garden" in line with the fictional icon theme.

The Phantom Lounge is designed to evoke the feeling of the Paris Opera House, which is the setting for "The Phantom of the Opera."

The ship's main restaurant takes its name from Bacchus, the Greek god of wine. Set into the walls are giant silver wine goblets with a leaf design of a grape vine. Between the goblets are light fixtures shaped like bunches of grapes, with chandeliers also resembling bunches of grapes  hanging from the ceilings. The wall murals are classical paintings of Bacchus and his wife, with the ceiling mural continuing the grape motif.

Carnival Miracle's supper club is called Nick and Nora's, named after Dashiell Hammett's famous detectives, and sits under the ship's red trademark dome that outside appears to be part of the ship's funnel. The room is decorated in an ebony motif with the focal point being the huge 1930's black and white photograph of New York.

One of the most popular places at night onboard Carnival Miracle is Frankenstein's Lab, where the dance floor is watched over by the monster himself. In the dance club Farcus again uses the European design he began employing several years ago where the dance floor is on the lower level, and the seating is on the upper level, allowing customers to look down onto the dance floor.

The ship's spa is equipped with state-of-the-art exercise equipment and a large whirlpool. 

In the wedding chapel, Farcus followed the same theme he has used in Carnival's other chapels. 

The forward pool on Carnival Miracle is an outdoor area. Behind it is the central pool which can be covered with a dome when the weather is inclement, and behind it is the ship's giant, twisting water slide.

One of the reasons Carnival Miracle garnered so much attention during its naming in Jacksonville was due to its godmother, former Army private Jessica Lynch. She is shown here (at left) releasing the bottle of champagne against the ship's hull as she named it, and above (from left) with Micky Arison (Chairman of Carnival Corp), Bob Dickinson (President of Carnival Cruise Lines) and Capt. Geatano Gigliotti (Carnival Miracle's master).


The creator of Carnival Miracle's interior design is Joe Farcus, shown at left with the Mad Hatter at the entrance to the Mad Hatter's Ball show lounge. (Joe's the one on the left.)

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