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Out-of-Towner's Guide to the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal

When sailing out of New York, you now have to be careful. The city now has two cruise terminals, the familiar one on the west side of Manhattan and the newest one the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal (which opened April 15, 2006) in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn. Going to the wrong one will be an expensive mistake. 

On the city's official website, there are detailed driving directions from several points, but it's difficult at best to find information on the transportation options if you are flying into one of the three major airports in New York and just going right to the pier. All things being equal with flights, there doesn't even seem to be information readily available to help you decide which airport would be most convenient. It's even difficult to find a map of the terminal location or even its actual address in case you just want to jump in a taxi and the driver hasn't been to the new terminal to know where it is. We hope this page will help you find everything you need easily in one place.

Which ships sail from Brooklyn?
The two lines that have moved all their operations to Brooklyn are Cunard and Princess. 

How far is the BCT from the airport?
All things being equal with flight schedules, LaGuardia will be the most convenient, with Kennedy being second, and Newark being the most inconvenient. 

What's the least stressful way to get to the BCT from the airport?
On cruise days, Princess and Cunard will be operating their own bus transfers right from the airport to the pier and vice versa. This seems to be the easiest way because you don't need to think about much of anything. You get on, and you get off. You don't have to worry about the driver not knowing the way or what other states the driver may take you to along the way. 

These may not be the least expensive way, however. The lines are charging $40 per person each way. They must be booked in advance with your cruise. You can't just show up and pay if you decide to go.

How do I get there in a taxi?
The Economic Development Commission was supposed to have sent out an Industry Notice the week the terminal opened advising all taxi companies and hotels and so forth of the particulars about the BCT, so drivers should know how to get there. But the exact address is Pier 12 in Brooklyn, and if that fails, try the intersection of Bowne & Imlay Streets in Brooklyn. The chart below should give you a general idea of the times and costs. (Remember that these prices are approximate, and there are charges for extra passengers and luggage.)

From/To Distance Approximate 
Driving Time (non-rush hour) 
Taxi Rate
LaGuardia (LGA) 18-20 miles 1 hour 15 minutes $35-$40
Kennedy (JFK) 20 miles 1 hour 30 minutes $40
Newark (EWR) 18-20 miles via Manhattan 1 hour 30 minute - 2 hours $90
Midtown hotels 10 miles 35-40 minutes $40
Lower Manhattan hotels 5 miles 20 minutes $40

Is there any other way to get there?
At the moment, SuperShuttle is not servicing the BCT, but they have told us they might in the future. Some car services are operating at their regular rates, but the city is still finalizing a contract with the "official" car service which will provide for some flat rates.

So exactly where is the BCT?
It's actually at Pier 12 in Brooklyn, and the intersection to locate is Bowne & Imlay Streets. It's marked on this Google map. (By the way, don't use that phony street address it shows. There is no such address; it just gets Google to point to the right place. As smart as Google is, it doesn't understand where Pier 12 is.) Use the controls in the upper left to zoom in and out, or click on the map and drag it around to recenter it. The buttons in the upper right will also give you a satellite view.

If I get there early, what can I do?
The lines tell us they should be checking in early at the terminal's 40 check-in desks, and if you have to wait there are some vending machines available in the terminal. If you are there really early, the Economic Development Commission tells us there are a few places within 4 to 5 blocks where you can get a sandwich, and they say it is a safe area in which to walk. There is more variety of restaurants, delis and convenience stores on Columbia Street which is about a 10-15 block walk. There is nowhere in the BCT to leave your luggage, however, unless the cruise line is ready to accept it. 

Will I get to see the Statue of Liberty?
Yes, you will see it nearby off to the starboard side with Ellis Island in the background. Don't forget to enjoy the view of Lower Manhattan further to the right (or behind you if you wait too long to look). You will miss that impressive view of Manhattan that you would have if your ship had sailed out of the Manhattan terminal, but you can't have everything. To orient yourself, check this Google map. Again, use the controls in the upper left to zoom in and out, or click on the map and drag it around to recenter it. Yes, in this case be sure to click on the button in the upper right for the satellite view of the Statue.

Is there more information about the BCT?
Yes, the New York Cruise Terminals website has more but probably not much more that will be really useful to you. If you are driving to Brooklyn, there are detailed directions and parking rates. You can have Google Directions route you there right from your front door; just click on the "get directions" or "to here" link once you are on the Google map page. Note: that address we used of 70 Imlay Street for the terminal gets you to the right place, but the official address is Pier 12. Officially, there is no 70 Imlay.

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This page was last updated May 8, 2006 and as far as we know, everything is correct. If you find anything not right, please let us know so we can update it. 

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